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I'll be sharing some of the comments about Tom and/or Jake here as well as any quotes from Tom that I have found in the soap mags here.
First one is -

Tom Eplin states, 'I don't know whether to laugh or cry' about his Emmy nomination in the lead actor category.   (SOD, April 3rd 2001)

'I haven't really had time to reflect; it's difficult to articulate all of the things I'll miss.'   Tom Eplin in SOD (March 19, 2002)

'But it was also a farewell for his portrayer.  And Tom Eplin, well, what to say about Tom Eplin?  Here's where you take a deep breath and think about 17 years of underappreciated excellence, of what it is to be a legend in an industry where true respect is hard to come by, of what it means to be loyal in a sometimes thankless job.  Here's where you remember how every performance he gave was textbook in its efficiencey and yet utterly unique.  Here's where you hope you're lucky enough to see him again soon.' ~SOD, a small part from the *Editor's Choice* (June 4, 2002 issue)


These are words spoken from *Jake* or are about *Jake* -

'...with Jake, what you see is what you get...'
~Vicky about Jake, day in NYC w/family '97~

"You won't have to. You're not gonna have to live without me, honey. 'Cause when you love someone, they never die." April 29, 2002 (after he was shot)

"Hey, gorgeous. You wanna blow this popsicle stand?   It's your dream. You can do whatever you want." April 30 (dream Molly & Ghost Jake)

"I love you......For now and always"
Jake to Molly at Mabels, May 1, 2002

"And so, we lost Jake, a character so memorably appealing and complex that it's likely he inspired countless others.  He was our last precious link to AW and was so real to us, it seems like he deserves more than a few lines in a magazine in remembrance." (SOD's *Editor's Choice* - June 4, 2002 issue - article)

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