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Always Tom Eplin
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Here's the scoop...

News & Updates

Here, you will find out when any soap mags have an article or picture of Tom in it as well as updates to the site.  If you see anything, let me know and you will be given full credit for finding the info here.  :-)
More info -
Thanks JoAnne for the info about Beach Girls (1982) and Delta Fever (1987) - he produced, wrote & starred in Delta Fever - they have been included in the credits section.
Interviews/Mag articles -
There's an article in the May 7th, 2002 issue of Soap Opera Digest about Jake.
Check out the Email discussion group for any back articles on Tom and Jake.  There's a load of pictures there too.  :)  Go to -
Check out the March 19th, 2002 issue of Soap Opera Digest on sale March 12th for an interview with Tom.  Roger posted it over at the message board posted here, in the Jake & Molly section -
Updates to the Site -
Jan. 14, 2003 - Video clips/Montages of Jake have been added in the *related links* section.
June 16 - Added a few more quotes in the *Quotable Quotes* section.
June 15 - A new article (*Editor's Choice*) from SOD - June 4, 2002 issue - has been added in the article section, it may take a minute to load.
A new section for the Articles has been added with a couple of recent articles with some *older* ones to come.
New film credits and I've fixed the guestbook and counter.  :-)
Newly added *Rely on Jake* section as well as the *Speak Up* section.
*Chat Away* is a new feature on the site for chat announcements that the mailing group *Always Tom Eplin* will be having.  Check it out and check out the group as well for Tom Eplin pictures.

Features on the web-
Jake's Memory Box @ Soapcity

Here's the link-

Jake's Memory Box

Contributed by me, Caragh


It has been confirmed that Tom has been let go from As the World Turns, check out the campaign page to see what's going on.


Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!
This site is completely unofficial, it is not affiliated with ATWT, CBS, P&G and Tom Eplin.