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A Place for Fans to Speak Up!

From SOD
How can you resist? ;)

Why is Tom a favorite of yours?  Have something to say and want it included?  Email me and I'll include it here...
'I've always known just how handsome Tom is, but since he's been on ATWT I've got to see what a great actor he is. He's funny & emotional. He makes Jake seem so likeable, loving and supportive, I wish I knew a guy like Jake! Tom is sensitive, talented, & hunky!' ~~ Leslie
'I've been fortunate to witness Tom's acting range on Another World and believe me he's so capable of running the gamut of emotions.  I was doubly pleased when soon after the cancellation of the show the force behind Proctor and Gamble in its infinite wisdom decided to add a touch of Bay City to ATWT's Oakdale backdrop.  Tom's Jake McKinnon hitting Oakdale was the exact match to lighten the show.  For me, I think Tom deserves to set up permanent residence in Oakdale and it would be a shame to let him go.'~~Dave S.
'Every performance Tom Eplin gives, he gives it his all, he has a way of taking you along for the ride.  I believe that is one of the reasons why he has a such large fanbase.' ~~ Caragh

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