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Everything about Jake

Jake Thomas McKinnon was born in Lassitar, Pennsylvania to Alice & Ray McKinnon and loves motorcycles!
His best friend growing up was one of his future wives, Victoria Love Hudson (who is deceased).  They have to adorable twin girls, Bridget & Michelle - born on Nov. 11th, 1999 -who are now being raised by Jake and his current wife Molly.
Jake was married to Vicky's twin sister Marley Love and Paulina Cory McKinnon Carlino (these two were married, divorced and remarried before divorcing for a final time).
He is currently employed by Ms. Lucinda Walsh in Oakdale (where he is living now), he is Editor-in-Chief of The City Times.  He is also publisher and co-owner of a newspaper The Bay City Herald back in Bay City.
(On Another World)
Jake was in a coma back in 1990 after being shot by Paulina Cory, he blackmailed her into marrying him - he would keep quiet, he was in for the money at the time but later, they fell in love.
Later, in 1995, he was presumed dead after a car accident and disappeard.  He later returned with amnesia, he thought his name was *Bunny*.
Jake and Molly were later haunted by Vicky after her plane had crashed and she died.  She led them to Jake & Vicky's twin girls in a small town in Canada.  After giving Jake and Molly her *blessing* in the afterlife, they are now raising the two girls, they were married in Oct. 2001 and live in a penthouse in Oakdale.

Another World days....
Jake, Vicky & kids in NY

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