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From SOD, May 7 (2002) issue

It's a devasting week on As the World Turns as Molly, along with long- time Another World and ATWT fans, mourns the loss of Jake, who dies while saving Molly from nutsy nanny Mary. After a rooftop scuffle and a gunshot, Mary toppoles over the side. 'So, Molly asumes that Mary has been shot. She goes to Jake, tells him he's her hero, touches his chest and realizes there's bloode on her hands. From that moment on, it's just...I can't even talk about it,' shudders Lesli Kay (Molly). 'It was very overwhelming, very sad, very real and very scary.'
Jake is rushed into surgery as Molly and Abigail hold vigil. 'Molly has been awake for close to 72 hours while Jake is in surgery, so she falls asleep in the waiting room as Jake goes into cardiac arrest,' says Kay. 'Jake's spirit and 'dream Molly' go to Mabel's, where they had their first kiss, for a dance. Then he says good-bye and tells her that she can dance by herself. She wakes up knowing he's dead.'
Though Jake is gone, his spirit will hang around for a few weeks. 'Molly's very clairvoyant. I joked that she should open a 1-900 psychic hotline,' says Kay. 'But I think that's what is going to help her get through it all.' And there's much more heartache to come -- as she deals with her loss, Molly overhears Donna and Marley discussing the McKinnon twins' future. 'Basically, they're stealing her children. It's huge,' she previews.

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