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From SOW (Jan.30, 2001 issue)
Tom Eplin & Jensen Buchanan
(Jake & Vicky,ATWT)

Outstanding performers for the week of Jan. 1
Jake and Vicky couldnt touch on As the World Turns, but the connection between Tom Eplin and Jensen Buchanan couldnt have been more tangible.
Buchanans face literally glowed when ghost Vicky realized Jake could finally see her. Jake was understandably hesitant; Eplin kept blinking -- were Jakes eyes playing tricks on
him? Then came a storm of emotions from Eplin: anger at the thought that this was a hoax, guilt because of his role in Vickys death, and pain at seeing the love of his life again.
Buchanans eyes lit up as Vicky begged Jake to accept her presence,displaying the worn high school sneakers she was weraring that only Jake would recognize. Eplin infused the scenes with uncomforable tension as the truth overtook Jake. He could hardly look at Vicky as the tears flowed, his lower lip quivered and his voice broke.
Because of Vickys in-between state, Buchanan had limited movement. Still, she conveyed Vickys feelings with soft,uneven speech, by clutching her chest and, of course, through her tears. Eplin and Buchanan turned a simple touching of hands -- even though Jake could not feel her -- into a magical experience.
Ever the journalist, Jake just had to ask: Did Vicky know she was going to die? (Eplin showed Jakes agony; he could hardly spit out the question.) Buchanan exuded an all-knowing peace as Vicky gracefully tossed her head to the side and softly said, 'It was my time. There was nothing you could have done.'
Buchanan and Eplin imbued these heartbreaking scenes with humor -- a welcome element reminiscent of their Another World days.  When Jake asked about the afterlifes rules, Vicky
quipped, 'They dont give you a manuel.' She also relayed how Bridget, at the gates of heaven, ordered her to go back, which mad her think, 'Maybe Im going to someplace a little hotter...!'
Eplin and Buchanans bond has only strengthened now that their characters love has transceneded death. Vicky may be the ghost, but both actors were visions. (written by Tonya Lensch @ SOW)

Quote on same page -
Vicky to Jake: You were my life. Even now, in some way neither of us can understand, you still are.

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